Create Yourself

Choose from 9 basic races and 9 heroic classes with multi-class options to create the character you imagined.

Level up and explore new race and class options that take you down more challenging paths to stand out from the rest.

Do you have what it takes?

Explore a Vast World

Explore the enchanted world of Hyreath, a place filled with adventure and action around every bend. Experience epic stories and quests with friends in a live setting.

Face off against the dark denizens of the wood, discover mythical artifacts, or just take a stroll to a quiet place to relax and get away from it all.

How You Can Play Myth

Whether you participate in Myth as a Player or a member of our Cast, you’re going to have a blast.

Play Myth

Create a character from your imagination and choose your own path during weekend-long adventures. Earn experience and advance your character’s levels in an unending campaign. 

  • Pay to play and choose your path to adventure

  • Membership is Free

  • Get access to our FREE PDF rulebook

  • Stay in a rustic cabin with your adventuring companions

  • Earn points that are used to advance your character’s experience in an ongoing campaign

  • Participate in an active LARPing community

  • Forge your character into the history of the game and become myth

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Cast at Myth

Have fun at Myth as a member of our motivated cast and play a variety of monsters and townspeople under the guidance of the game. 

  • Casting is FREE

  • Membership is Free

  • Get access to our FREE PDF rulebook

  • Sleep in a heated building away from the elements

  • Earn points that can be used to advance your player character, purchase things, or trade

  • Hot meals, snacks and drinks prepared by a professional chef

  • Costumes not required. We’ll dress you up and put a (safe) sword in your hands

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