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  • Myth Main Page: This is the official Myth Facebook page. Please invite people to like it that would enjoy the game.
  • Myth Plot Team: This is a secret group where we talk about plot.
  • Myth Cast Cave: It’s a private group that is kind of like the bat cave, but for the cast.
  • Mythgnomers Group: This is an open group for fans of Myth.


Back in the 1800’s a man by the name of Georges Polti surmised there are only 36 possible stories that could be written. More recently, Loren J Miller revised Polti’s plot types to better fit a role-playing game. We have further revised the plots to better fit Myth. The following table contains a Plot Number (of the 36 plot types), the Plot Type, the Actors and Elements needed to make the Plot Type work, and a Plot Example to give a general idea of how the Plot Type works with the Actors and Elements:

# Plot Type Actors & Elements Plot Summary
1 Supplication
  • Persecutor
  • Supplicant
  • Power in Authority
Under persecution, farmers send out emissaries to the local lord to beg for relief from raiders and bandits. Along the way they are attacked by bandits but manage to make it to town to seek help.
2 Deliverance
  • Unfortunates
  • Threatener
  • Rescuer
Bandits and raiders have been preying upon local farmers and threaten to burn their crops. Save the village by bringing an end to the bandits.
3 Revenge
  • Righteous Avenger
  • Criminal
A PC’s sibling has been killed accidentally in a raid. His wife refuses to accept the rule of law, which states she accept a weregild for him. She asks for the help of the PC to help her in a plot to totally annihilate the family of the killer, including parents, siblings, children, and sibling’s children.
4 Vengeance by a family upon a family
  • Avenging Kinsman
  • Guilty Kinsman
  • Relative
A PC’s relative has killed someone in confused circumstances making it unclear whether it was accidental or not. The head of relative’s family makes the killer responsible for supporting the bereaved spouse and children. The widowed spouse refuses aid from the killer and tries to convince the PC to help
5 Pursuit
  • Fugitive
  • Prisoner
A madman wanders into town raving about the monsters that pursue him and his poor, lost love. He is covered in blood and is unable to exactly describe the monsters because it all happened so fast when he was forced to flee for his life. A short time later some pursuers arrive led by someone whose advice drove the man to insanity and the murder of his wife. The pursuers want to take the madman back to their town for justice.
6 Victim of Cruelty or Misfortune
  • Unfortunates
  • Indifferent or Cruel Master
A cruel but effective noble is disgraced after an intrigue and loses his titles, possessions and lands to an equally cruel rival. He has been banished, blinded and is wandering alone without followers when the party discovers him.
7 Disaster
  • Vanquished Power
  • Victorious Power
  • Messenger
The local lands have been invaded by a conquering army or force. They are advancing on the town, burning fields and robbing and murdering peasants. Run for your lives!

8 Revolt
  • Tyrant
  • One or more Conspirators
A well-respected noble enlists the players to assist in a plot to overthrow his own lord and usurp his position. His intentions will seem respectable at first, but grow murkier with time.
9 Daring Enterprise
  • Goal
  • Bold Leader
  • Adversary
A talented artist has promised her masterpiece to a noble. Unfortunately her friend show the work to a foreign noble who desired it and took it without permission. Without starting an all out war between the two nobles, the players must get the art back from the foreign noble and to its rightful owner.
10 Abduction
  • Abductor
  • Abducted
  • Guardian
A visiting male noble is in love with another visiting female noble. The two are both in love with each other. The male enlists the help of the players to steal the female noble away from a rival noble who wants the female for themselves. The players must abduct the female without killing anyone. Kidnapping? No. Rather liberating the love from those who have imprisoned them.
11 Mystery/Enigma
  • Interrogator
  • Seeker
  • Problem
A common man has fallen in love with a noble and she has announced that if he wants to win her love he must solve her riddle. If he can’t solve the riddle then he must die. The man accepts the deal and asks the players to help him find the solution before it is too late. The riddle is…
12 Obtaining
  • Goal
  • Several Opposed Groups
  • Judge or Referee
It is time for the spring festival! The ladies engage in a contest to see who is the most beautiful, most faithful to their god or goddess, know the most about the people of the town, or is the best speaker. The contest is judged by last year’s Lady of Spring.

The men prepare for the Great Hunt! In an allotted period of time, men must gather as many items as they can on a list provided to them at the start of the contest. This means going forth into a monster ridden forest where they must test their combat skills along the way or overcoming some other challenge. The winner of the contest becomes the Lord of Spring.

13 Familial Hatred
  • Two or more Family members who hate each other
The player’s brother hates his sister’s husband whom he sees as a whimpering syncophant. The brother-in-law sees the brother as a cruel bully. The brother has told the player in private, after swearing him to an oath of secrecy, that he has taken a vow to kill his brother-in-law.  
14 Familial Rivalry
  • Preferred Kinsman
  • Rejected Kinsman
  • Object
The player has a brother, a friendly individual, who has become the lover of a merchant’s wife. She hides the affair from her husband. She encourage the brother while also encouraging her husband and makes them intrigue against each other while intentionally planting suspicion in her husband that something is going on. The husband is a very jealous sort.
15 Murderous Adultery
  • Adulterer
  • Cuckold
  • Adulterer’s Lover
A married friend of the player begins to have an adulterous affair with a mysterious woman giving him new zest for life. Then his wife disappears and rumors start. Later a ghostly figure seeks the player to ask for help. She demands her missing body be found (she has no idea where it is) and vengeance upon the adulterers. The players should try to avoid being framed for murder along the way.
16 Madness
  • Madman
  • Victim
A healer has gone mad and sometimes, for some insane reason, slays patients instead of healing them. For the most part the healer appears perfectly normal and sane.
17 Fatal Imprudence
  • Imprudent Person
  • Lost Object
  • Victim
A character known to the players has a famous item which may or may not be magical. The item becomes lost when a family member drops it in the woods when an unusual noise frightens them off. The well-known item is found at the scene of a horrifying murder and the character has become the main suspect.
18 Involuntary Crimes of Love
  • Lover
  • Beloved
  • Revealer
A mischievous friend of the family introduces the player to a woman who needs their help. She tells the player the mischievous friend introduced her to a handsome man and they fell in love. They would often meet in secret with meetings arranged by the mischievous friend. When the friend left town a letter from him arrived at her parent’s house and the parents went berserk. It appears that nearly 20 years ago her supposed parents couldn’t bear any children of their own so they asked a friend to adopt one of their children. Now she has discovered that her handsome lover is really her brother. She wants to get back at the mischievous friend and needs the help of the players.
19 Kinsman kills unrecognized Kinsman
  • Killer
  • Unrecognized Victim
  • Revealer
A hooded man has been rabble rousing against the player’s family. The hooded man summons the player to a secret meeting where the hooded man reveals himself as the player’s younger adoring brother or admiring long lost relative.  It appears the player’s family is doing something they shouldn’t and the relative is too afraid to confront them.

20 Self Sacrifice for an Ideal
  • Ideal
  • Hero
  • Person or Thing Sacrificed
A noble declares that only through sacrifice will our land embody ideal. A well-respected older couple in town plans a secret sacrifice in the forest. The players are notified of a dark sacrifice going on that must be stopped. When the players arrive at the sacrifice they meet with no resistance and can stop the sacrifice if it hasn’t occurred already. The older couple was simply following the instructions of the noble.
21 Self Sacrifice for Kindred
  • Hero
  • Kinsman
  • Person or Thing Sacrificed
A childhood friend of the player was always a short-breathed, wimpy genius. He understood the works of mechanisms like nobody’s business and even invented an enchanted mechanism or two. Unfortunately his parents disapproved as they wanted a war hero for a son. The friend joined the army and lost a hand in battle. Now he comes to the player depressed that he will never be a war hero and will never work on mechanisms again. Can the player help turn this situation around?
22 All Sacrificed for Passion
  • Hero
  • Object of Passion
  • Person or Thing Sacrificed
A bachelor noble falls in love with a prostitute hired by another noble to seduce him. The love struck noble completely loses interest in his title and land. Worse yet, the bachelor declares he will marry the woman forsaking his title and land to his brother… the other noble.
23 Sacrifice of Love One
  • Hero
  • Beloved Victim
  • Cause for Sacrifice
A hooded man is creating an opposition against the player’s family. The parent of the player tells him the hooded man is his younger brother. Meetings with the hooded man have ended in failure and the hooded man has become a wanted man by the law. Can the player help fix this situation?
24 Rivalry Between Superior and Inferior Suddenly a powerful wizard is at war with another powerful wizard over the possession of an artifact. The wizards send monstrosities to battle one another making the local town a battle ground of dark magic. In an effort to survive the players need to recover and destroy the artifact or give it to one of the wizards.
25 Adultery
  • Deceived Spouse
  • Adulterer
  • Adulterer’s Lover
A man sends his wife to visit her family, sells most of his things when she is gone, and begins buying baubles for a beautiful young girl who may or may not care for him. She is happy to accept his gifts, however. The man loves his wife very much, but persecution from nobles in town leads to losing his money, status, and finally his freedom. One he is jailed his wife leaves him and moves in with her lover. The young girl is paid well for her role in the scheme.
26 Crimes of Love
  • Lover
  • Beloved
  • Theme of Dissolution
A mother falls in love with her twin sons and causes them to lay with her. The result of this mating is monstrous and terrible.
27 Discovery of Dishonor of a Loved One
  • Guilty Beloved
  • Discoverer
A mother and father are proud of their successful daughter until they discover evidence she is working as an assassin for an evil noble.
28 Obstacles of Love
  • Lover 1
  • Obstacles
  • Lover 2
A man and woman are terribly in love with each other, but because their parents don’t approve they have both placed near impossible quests before each of the children. In order to marry, the man must recover ___________ and the woman must recover __________.
29 An Enemy Loved
  • Beloved Enemy
  • Lover
  • Hateful Kinsman
A man and a woman have fallen in love despite their families being at war with each other. The greatest warriors in each family are bitter rivals whose hatred of each other will destroy the lovers and tear their families apart.
30 Ambition
  • Ambitious Person
  • Coveted Object
  • Adversary
An ambitious general who desires to rule a city and establish a royal line has a wife who acts as his conscience staying his hand as he spins plots and dispatches troops to bring the merchants and nobles under his thumb. Finally the general becomes the city chief consul and has made enough powerful friends to change the charter of the city from a republic to a dictatorship. His wife must no act to stem his ambition.
31 Conflict with a God
  • Moral
  • Immortal
A general has been arrested and banished for his crimes. He swears bloody vengeance on his home city and the city’s patron god. He goes away collecting horrible artifacts with the goal of using them to bring plague, war and famine to the city weakening the god so he can slay the god himself.
32 Mistaken Jealousy
  • Jealous One
  • Object of Jealousy
  • Supposed Accomplice
  • Author of Mistake
A man is jealous of his wife and continues to grow more and more jealous of her when he discovers she is having an affair with his best friend. The man feigns ignorance but enlists the help of the players to make his best friend jealous his wife is interested in someone else. At the same time the man tells his wife that his best friend was seen around town with a prostitute.
33 Faulty Judgment
  • Mistake One
  • Victim of Mistake
  • Author of Mistake
  • Guilty Person
A man has been consorting with less than scrupulous people in town and in order to protect him from being disinherited by his very conservative family, his friend takes the blame. His friend’s wife leaves his friend as a result.
34 Remorse
  • Culprit
  • Victim
  • Interrogator
A man has led a very bad life and is haunted by the ghosts of his misdeeds. He finally has remorse for what he had done and begins to make some amends to his victims. He needs the help of the players to set things right.
35 Recover of a Loved One
  • Seeker
  • One Found
An oracle tells the player that his father/mother/sibling, once thought dead, is still alive.
36 Loss of a Loved One
  • Kinsman Slain
  • Kinsman Witness
  • Executioner
A man who has taken a vow of chastity comes home to the horrible sight of his family being slaughtered like sheep by raiders. He runs in to try and save them, is beaten and left for dead. He survives the ordeal and asks for aid from any who will give it.


As plot writers, one of the biggest difficulties we see is getting plot to players in a timely manner. Often times we’ll create something really cool, but are unable to find the player needed to run it. The following are ideas on how to hook plot using the least amount of cast possible. Ideally hooking them prior to the end of event registration is a good way to get them to sign up if they haven’t already:

The game’s in game e-newsletter is a great way to entice all players and cast to attend the next event. Well written in-game articles hook participants and inspire them to register for the event so they don’t miss out on the action.

  • Cast Required: 0
  • When: Pre-game
  • Target Reach: All subscribed players and cast

Message Board
Like the game newsletter, the in-game message board is a great way to entice all players and cast to attend the next event with well-written plot hooks.

  • Cast Required: 0
  • When: Pre-game
  • Target Reach: All players and cast who view the in-game board

Direct Emails
Plot hooks sent directly to a player via email make them feel important. This is a great way to inspire a player to make sure they register for the next event so they don’t miss out on something written specifically for them. This also gives the player time to tell their friends about the hook and encourage them to attend the event. Our goal will be to have website interface that allows us to write letters to players and schedule them to send at certain times. This will allow us to entice a whole bunch of people at a set time. Until that time, a regular email will work. 

  • Cast Required: 0
  • When: Pre-game
  • Target Reach: An individual or group

Character Check In Packet Note
An in-game letter placed in a character packet assures the player gets an important message that delivers the plot hook before the game even begins. This delivery method ensures the player gets the note so it is discreetly delivered and/or the plot goes off on time.

  • Cast Required: 0
  • When: Pre-game
  • Target Reach: An individual

Dream Sending
Dreams can be sent like a direct email to make the player feel important and hook them into attending the event. They can also be delivered to the player in their character packet to ensure they receive it. Sending the dream via email allows the player to share the hook with friends to encourage them to attend the event, as well.

  • Cast Required: 0
  • When: Pre-game
  • Target Reach: An individual or group

Adventure Board
This is one way to distribute generic plot such as wanted posters and other information. If you’ve ever played The Witcher 3, these types of boards are found all over the place with adventures you can pick up along with fun, non-adventure notes to be read. 

  • Cast Required: 0-1
  • When: Pre-game or post during the event

Tavern Mail
The game’s tavern is a central gathering point for most players. Game mail could be picked up or dropped off at the beginning of each game day for an hour. Players could be conditioned to check for their mail and/or the tavern keep could shout out for people he knows.

  • Cast Required: 1
  • When: During the event

Adventurers’ Guild
This is our in-game plot center where generic plots can be distributed to players to keep them busy if they so choose. Players can be assigned to hunt a certain monster, vanquish a foe we know will be at X place at Y time, find a specific component, deliver a letter to someone, meet someone somewhere and guide them saely into town, etc.

  • Cast Required: 1 (plus cast needed for any plots)
  • When: During the event

This is probably one of the least desirable and most inefficient ways to deliver plot, but sometimes there is no other way to get a message out during the event at a certain time. The cast member will go out to hunt down a specific player or group to deliver a message. Your hands only.

  • Cast Required: 1
  • When: During the event

The caravan comes to town on Friday evening with several cast members and new players protectors. The caravan will deliver mail to the tavern or directly to players who are immediately in the tavern.

  • Cast Required: 2 or more
  • When: During the event

Player Driven
We provide a player with information that needs to be distributed in game. The player becomes our courier who has to search for someone in the game. If the player is familiar with this, we can provide the information that needs to be shared in their character packet OR they can pick it up at the tavern’s mail system each morning as part of their “job.”

  • Cast Required: 0
  • When: During the event


What exactly are players looking for in the plots we write? What do they like and dislike? What makes plot fun for them? Here are some thoughts on the subject:

  • Achievements: Players want to be able to achieve goals set in their feedback letters. Helping them achieve a goal will go a long way with them. Achieving goals helps them feel like they’re making progress and “winning” the game. We’re going to narrow down their goals to ONE to give us more opportunity to focus on what is most important to them. We’re not dealing with a “top 3” for players. We’re dealing with a top 3 for 100 players which gives us 300 goals to try to focus on. 
  • Affiliation: Players want to feel like they belong. By accepting the player into groups we boost their confidence and make them feel like they are “winning” the game.
  • Challenge: Players enjoy a challenge and don’t mind losing in a fair fight. Pit them against a challenging, but defeatable foe and if they are victorious they’ll feel like they’ve achieved something great and are “winning” the game.
  • Guidance: If you’ve ever tried to write a paper explaining how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich you realize what we perceive in our head isn’t always the way others perceive it. Sometimes we have a set of goals in mind for players and they go a completely different direction with the plot. We can rewrite the possible outcomes of the plot or we can gently try to encourage the player down our intended path. In either case, the player will feel like they are “winning” the game when they reach the goal points we set.  
  • Control: Players want their actions to affect the game and its plots. When they are able to affect the game rather than simply playing along inside of it they feel like they are “winning” the game.
  • Leadership: Players want to be placed in positions of leadership that can make an impact on others and the game. Being promoted to a position and/or earning a title makes them feel like they are “winning” the game.
  • Purpose: Players want to know what they are doing has meaning to the game. Attending the same old town meeting with little to nothing new to offer makes players avoid town meetings in the future.  Give them an opportunity to make an impact on their surroundings – a job or title — and they’ve achieved something that makes them feel like they’re “winning” the game.
  • Recognition: Players want to be recognized for their achievements by their peers. Having someone of importance publicly recognize the player will give them a feeling of achievement and help them feel like they’re “winning” the game. Plots that award titles you must earn by doing something are well-received. For example: Slay 10 Gnolls and turn in their fangs to earn the title “Gnoll Slayer.”
  • Respect: Players want to be respected by their peers, superiors, and inferiors. Characters that show that respect make the player feel good about themselves — like they are “winning” the game.  Constantly publicly humiliating the player or belittling them in front of peers is a sure way to get them to dislike your plots, you, and the game overall, quickly.

Notice a common theme in many of the desires of players? While there is no way to “win” Myth you can still feel like you are winning through the various means shown above. By doing these things we make the player enjoy the game more, foster a stronger sense of community where players and cast want to give back to the game, and create a strong sense of loyalty to the community and game overall.