Your epic tales of adventure won’t sound so epic if your opponent has no means to fight back. Your donation helps make monsters more, well, monstrous. Our monsters need safe weaponry to do battle. Donate this 3’3″ hybrid longsword for the perfect one-handed weapon to make combat more fun at Myth. These swords retail for $97, but we’ll be using our discount to get them for $85 each (plus shipping if that applies).


Donations are about contributing to the community. The points you receive from Myth are how we say thank you for helping to make the game a better experience for everyone. We appreciate it.

  • Point award for this item is 150 XP.

You will be paying for this donation through Myth. Myth will then order the swords when we meet the minimum requirement to have them shipped free. Your donation helps improve Myth game immersion and further strengthen combat safety.