Project Description

I admit it. I’m addicted to the creative aspects of Myth. I like the idea of making cool props, costumes, and things that will get everyone who participates in the game excited. I spend a lot of time at Michael’s purchasing crafting supplies to make the next cool prop.

Another thing I love about Myth is the creative aspects. Whether it is writing a plot to enhance a story, creating the game lore that can be discovered down the road, making monster costumes that make you question if this is a game or not, and the list goes on.

My hope is to find kindred spirits in that regard: people who love LARP coupled with a love for creating things. If you’re one of those people and you’re reading this… welcome home. We’ve been waiting for you. Together we’re going to create some amazing things.

As time goes on we’ll be featuring some of the cool props and creations of the Myth team… of course, some of those things can’t be revealed until after the fact. Other things may never be revealed in photos as we allow the tales of adventure (and absolute terror) retell what was seen. We might print the words, though. Until then, keep your eye on our blog. Adventure is coming…