Download the Rulebook PDF

Now is your chance to get into the action with the Myth Player’s Handbook. Make new friends and join a growing community of live roleplaying enthusiasts.

  • Simple: Even if you have never tried a live RPG before, you’ll find Myth’s rules easy to understand. You’ll also feel like a veteran in no time as we walk you through the rules during our pre-game workshop.
  • Free PDF Download: You can download a PDF version of our rules at no cost. 
  • Free Membership: Myth has no membership fees making it even easier to join the ranks of kindred spirits who share many of the same interests. Once you’ve participated in an event, you’re officially a member.

Myth grants permission to print, download, or email a single copy of our rulebook for personal use. Please do not reproduce, copy, or share multiple copies of our work, even if it is for personal use. 

Myth Core Rulebook v1.5.2  [PDF] 7.7MB [Kindle Version] | [Print Version] [View the Changelog]