Grab your sword, memorize your spells, and get ready for fun and adventure with friends at Myth.


Myth Adventure Weekends are an experience in interactive entertainment that take place 6 times each year at youth camps we rent. These camps are temporarily redecorated to look like a fantasy town complete with a tavern and other fantasy buildings that set the stage for adventure.


You must be 16 years of age or older to participate in Myth.

    • Early Bird Rate (Player): $75
    • Adventure Weekend Rate: $90
    • Meal Plan: $20. Includes breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, Dinner on Saturday.
  • CAST
    • Adventure Weekend Rate: Free
    • Meal Plan: FREE. Includes breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, plus lunch & dinner on Saturday.


Myth Module Days are one-shot adventures for a party of 6 – 8 adventurers. These focused adventures are held indoors or outdoors based on the season and type of module being run. Modules typically last an hour or more and are typically designed to provide a fun and memorable challenge.


You must be 16 years of age or older to participate in Myth.

    • Early Bird Rate (Player): $35 (per module)
    • Module Day Rate: $45 (per module)
    • Meal Plan: N/A
  • CAST
    • Module Day Rate: FREE
    • Meal Plan: FREE


Visit our event registration page for a complete list of upcoming events. Register for the ones you’d like to attend before they sell out. Myth accepts credit cards and PayPal in advance or cash at the door. Sorry, we don’t accept checks.

If you miss early bird registration, you can still prepay for the weekend online at the normal Adventure Weekend rate of $90 up to the Thursday prior to the event. All registrations past this point are cash at the door.

Sold Out Events
If an event reaches player capacity before you register, you can add yourself to our standby list. If someone cancels and space becomes available, we notify standby members on a first-come-first-served basis via the email provided in their Myth account. Early bird or normal registration rules still apply.

Standby Status
If an event reaches player capacity, you can choose to add yourself to the player standby list. If space becomes available due to a cancellation, we’ll notify all standby members of the available opening. Space will be awarded to the first standby member who registers for it.

When You Can’t Make an Event You’ve Registered For
We understand that life happens and sometimes things come up that prevent you from making an event you’ve registered for. Here is how we can work with you:

  • Cancellation: You may cancel your event registration and have your registration refunded at any point up to two weeks prior to the event you are no longer able to attend.
  • Move Your Event: You may move your event registration to another event up to 1 week prior to the event.
  • Gift Your Event: You may gift your event to another player up to the Thursday prior to the event and they will take your place there.

If circumstances suddenly change and you find yourself able to attend the event again, but have received a cancellation refund, moved your event, or gifted your event to someone else, you will need to register for the event again as normal.

When Myth Cancels an Event
If an Adventure weekend is canceled by Myth you may:

  • Request a refund: If the option isn’t available to you normally, you may request a refund for the canceled event.
  • Move your registration forward: If the option isn’t available to you, you may request to have your registration for the canceled event moved to another weekend that has available space.
  • Grab the points: You can choose to let Myth keep your registration and keep the points for the event. This is helpful when you’re trying to catch up to other players.


If we didn’t answer all of your questions, please post them to our game forum or message us through our site or Facebook page.