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Use your GPS to navigate to 326 Taft Pond Road in Pomfret, Connecticut. This is the Windham-Tolland 4-H Camp.

  • Parking: You can park your vehicle in the main lot or along the road outside the camp. Be sure to keep your car locked and any valuables in your vehicle out of site or locked in your trunk.
  • Wet Conditions: If conditions at the site are muddy, please refrain from driving to your cabin. To preserve the site (and prevent muddy ruts) please walk your gear to your cabin from the parking lot.


  • Xtra Mart: There is an Xtra Mart at 9 Putnam Rd, Pomfret, CT with gas, snacks, water, and other basic supplies.
  • Walmart: There is a Walmart superstore at 625 School St, Putnam, CT. Out in this same area is gas, Subway, McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, Wendy’s, grocery stores, and many other restaurants.
  • Target: There is a Target at 2177 Killingly Commons Drive, Dayville, CT. In this same area you’ll find gas, Subway, McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, Burger King, grocery stores, and many other restaurants.


All times are approximate. We strive to stay on schedule at all times.

  • Noon | Setup arrival time:  If you are helping to setup the event, you may arrive as early as noon on Friday to help. Setup is a great way to earn bonus points for your character.
      • 5:00 pm |  If you are planning to play or cast at Myth, you may arrive as early as 5 pm on the Friday of the event.   
      • 6:00 – 9:00 pm | Player Check in. Please be in costume and have your weapons ready to be safety checked.
      • 8:00 pm | New Player Workshop.  Please be in costume and ready to start the game.
      • 9:30 pm | Player Meeting. This meeting begins when check in ends. We relay any important information at this meeting so don’t miss it.
      • 10:00 pm | Late Check in. Players who arrive late can check in at the Cast Center any time after 10pm during game hours on Friday night. Please knock for assistance. Cast may check in at any time during game hours.
      • 10:00 pm – 2:00 am | Myth Game Time
      • 7:45 – 9 am | Paid Breakfast for Players & Free Breakfast for Cast
      • 9 am – 6pm | Myth Game Time
      • 6 pm – 7 pm | Paid Dinner for Players & Free Dinner for Cast (Game play continues during this time)
      • 7 pm – 2 am | Myth Game Time
    • 7:45 – 9 am | Paid Breakfast for Players & Free Breakfast for Cast
    • 9 am – Noon | Myth Game Time
    • Noon – 12:30 pm | Closing Meeting. We recognize achievements at this meeting plus share any post-event information.
    • 12:30 – 5:00 pm | Check Out & Clean Up. Helping us with clean up is a great way to earn bonus points for your character.


Myth’s Damar Keep has two separate districts (The Glade and The Crossing) each with its own set of cabin residences. Here is information to help you prepare to stay in one of these cabins:

  • Drop off and Pick Up: As long the the ground isn’t muddy, you are allowed to drive your vehicle to your cabin. If the road to your cabin is too muddy you will need to walk your gear to and from your cabin (approximately 1/8 mile).
  • Sleeping Assignments: When you register for Myth, you may choose what cabin you would like to stay in. All cabins are issued on a first-come-first-served basis. If you’d like your group to take over an entire cabin, it is recommended you have enough people in your group to take up all the slots in that cabin.
  • Adventurers Per Cabin: Cabins in these two districts sleep an average of 10 people using 5 twin-sized bunk beds.
  • Heat: These cabins are drafty, are not heated, nor are they insulated. During the cooler months it is recommended you have suitable sleeping gear to handle the cold. You are welcome to move to the heated tavern at any time if you feel you will not be warm enough in your cabin.
  • Electricity: Cabins do NOT have power. You may want to consider these camping lights.
  • Sleeping Gear: Aside from a thin mattress on your twin-sized bunk bed, nothing else is provided for your bunk.
  • Storage: Your out-of-game items should be stored underneath your shared bunk. If there is not enough space under your bunk you may also bring a foot locker. It is recommended you have a lock for your foot locker and store nothing of value you it. Do not store IN GAME ITEMS under your bunk.
  • Bathrooms: Each district has a co-ed bathroom/shower. During the colder months these bathrooms are closed to prevent damage to the water lines.
  • Cleaning Supplies: While there are brooms and dust pans at the camp, there is often only one set for an entire district. You are required to remove all trash from your cabin, sweep it clean, and leave it in better condition than when you arrived. We recommend bringing a trash bag, broom and dustpan to take care of your cabin without having to wait. Trash must be brought to the dumpster and you must have your cabin checked by the game staff before you leave.


  • Smoking: Our preference is that you smoke in the parking lot, however if you are unable to make it to the parking lot you may smoke outdoors in the cabin proper area. Please be considerate of the camp and properly dispose of your butts so we may continue to make this option available. Smoking in the woods, cabins or the tavern is not allowed.
  • Swimming/Boating: Swimming is not allowed. Please stay out of the ponds and streams and off of boats.
  • Fires: You are allowed to have campfires in designated areas. This fire MUST be monitored by one person who is not allowed to leave the area or go to Fate until the fire is out. Please have a bucket of water available to help put the fire out quickly if needed.

The Glade

The bridge in the southern portion of the above Glade map leads to the town proper area with the Dancing Dragonfly. To the north, a precarious trail (yellow trail) leads through the woods. It is easy to get lost on the trail at night and there are many large stones and wetlands. Also in the Glade area is an amphitheater with benches and a podium. Residents closer to the bridge often enjoy the sound of the waterfall during times when the pond known as the Cauldron is full.

NOV 1-3, 2019 Event

Shagbark Hickory

  1. A Rowe
  2. S Rowe
  3. S Fal’Connell
  4. J Ericson
  5. L Dupret

Sugar Maple

  1. G Rose
  2. P Choquette

Scarlet Oak

  1. G Pritchard
  2. F Gialluca

Douglas Fir

  1. D Hanniford
  2. M Porto
  3. G Spier

American Chestnut

  1. A Warzocha
  2. S Warzocha
  3. E Folta


  1. M Dias


Eastern Hemlock

  1. D. Goddu
  2. J. O’Donnell
  3. E. Anair

The Crossing

This district in Damar Keep has a small crossing bridge with a well-traveled trail that leads to the city of Ivygate (or Windhold if you follow the split in the road). Residents of the village enjoy the gentle sound of the brook that flows into the pond known as the Cauldron. While the town guard makes every effort, this side of town seems to be a more active target for invaders and monsters. You have been warned, adventurer.

NOV 1-3, 2019 Event

White Pine

  1. M Scheid
  2. H Hiscock
  3. N Stack
  4. B Ronalter
  5. E Ronalter
  6. J Bourbeau

Paper Birch



  1. W Sheehy
  2. Q Lewry
  3. B Mahner
  4. J Rivera
  5. Y Andino

Balsam Poplar

  1. T Anderson
  2. T Conklin
  3. M Porto
  4. D Hanniford
  5. E DeCaprio

Red Cedar

  1. C Beane
  2. M Leblanc
  3. B Wasilnak
  4. K Johnson

White Spruce

  1. J Sanzo


High atop the Windless Hill sits Damar Keep. To its south is the Town Proper where the Dancing Dragonfly and Town Hall stand. The Dancing Dragonfly Tavern is the centerpiece of the town complete with heat, plenty of seating, and drinks for the weary adventurer. It is a gathering place for friends before setting off to see what the forest has to offer. Here is information you need to know about the tavern:

  • Two Floors: The building has two floors – a main floor and a basement level. The in game portions of Myth take place on the main floor while the cast and out-of-game activities take place in the basement area. Players are also welcome to pull up a mattress to sleep in the tavern once the game ends in the evening. You’ll just need to pick up your things before the game starts again in the morning.
  • A Building Divided: On one half of the main floor the cast lay out mattresses and have their beds read to sleep at night. On the other half is the game tavern called The Dancing Dragonfly.
  • Heat: Both floors of the building are heated.
  • Bathrooms: There are bathrooms on both floors of the building. The basement bathrooms have modern showers, which are available to players and cast at all times. Players should try to avoid using the basement bathroom during the game day as it is near the area cast are prepping for the next encounter. Please pick up after yourself. We apologize in advance that costuming, towels, clothing, props, weapons, etc., left behind in the bathroom will be disposed of.
  • Mattresses: If you are planning to sleep in the tavern there are a limited number of mattresses available (typically allocated for the cast). You may need to have your own air mattress available or a willingness to sleep on a wood floor.
  • Refrigerator: There is a player/cast refrigerator in the cast sleeping side of the tavern that is available for player and cast use.
  • Kitchen: The tavern does have a kitchen area, which is off limits to all players and cast. Only the kitchen staff is allowed in the kitchen.

NOV 1-3, 2019 Event


  1. C Aldrich
  2. G Colberg
  3. L McAvoy
  4. F Vasquez
  5. D Vasquez


  1. D Archambault
  2. H Harner
  3. D Pagan
  4. H Harner
  5. H Stephenson
  6. E Stephenson
  7. J Tierney
  8. A Gomez

Weeping Willow

  1. L P
  2. C Caisse
  3. G Martino

Off Site / Home

  1. D Berry
  2. L Berry