Known for their strong will and thick skin, dwarves are a spirited race from the mountain kingdoms who claim to be made of the earth itself. Although they are often stalky and short, dwarves have been known to grow as tall as humans and have similar eyes, hair, and skin. They also age at the same rate as humans until they reach maturity. They can live a long life of 800 years, but player dwarves are restricted to the same age range as humans.
The beard of a male dwarf is a symbol of their honor and their ancestors. A dwarf without his beard is no dwarf – he is humiliated. Female dwarves are also capable of growing a beard, but many choose to stay clean-shaven.

Racial Ability

to blend in with human females. Dwarves that do have a beard will sometimes braid their hair to create elaborate clan designs.
Dwarves are friendly towards most races except goblins, with which they share a deep history of war and anger.

Deep in the Mountains

Almost all dwarves are born and raised within the mountains of Hyraeth. It is there they learn to love all metals, both simple and precious, as they chip away at ore and stone in the mines.

Physical Qualities

Dwarves typically wear armor or clothing designed with strong geometric shapes, gems, and carved ancestral faces.

•Males must have a beard (unless they have been disgraced).

•Beards are optional for females, but sideburns are encouraged.

•Vitality: Dwarves may not have more than 5 regular Vitality.

•Language: Take your roleplaying to the next level and use a slight (or thick) Scottish for dwarves.

Why you should play a Dwarf

•You like the feeling of playing a highlander type.

•You like the idea of being part of something bigger – like a clan.

•You’re a warrior at heart and this is the race to prove it with.

•You like the idea of playing a race that honors its ancestors.



King – Seoras MacRaibeirt

Queen – Fionninghua Dunaud-MacRaibeirt

Princess – Ceana MacRaibeirt

Prince – Neacal MacRaibeirt

Over the years the dwarves have staked their claim on all mountain ranges, where they mine for the ores needed for currency, buildings, weapons and armor.  Each mountain range, its exports and its industry, are overseen and run by direct relations of the royal house, with closer relations having the stronger claim.

Dwarves have trade agreements with the Dark Elves, who have the skill for mining and working with gems and stones. Where the dwarves mine for ore, the Dark Elves are welcome to come to the mines that produce gems and use their talents to extract them. The dwarves are given priority in buying gems mined on their lands, creating a beneficial relationship for all.

The dwarves pride themselves in their crafting of armor and weapons for their warriors and battle mages.  To them, their craft is superior to all others. Only those of other races who have achieved great deeds would ever be presented with a dwarven craft.

The Dwarven weapons and armor are easily recognized with interwoven knot work of lines engraved into everything they make.

There is no specific god followed by the society, as religion is not the forefront of their beliefs.  It is recognized that each person is an individual and whatever god they follow is their own choice, with none being superior to another in the eyes of their fellow dwarves.

In dwarven society, women and men as seen as equals.  There are many skilled women as crafters, fighters, battle mages and tacticians.  All dwarves treat each other with the respect of their station, be it higher or lower than another. Each dwarf is seen as a contributor to the whole and is shown respect, regardless of station.

Dwarves treat each other with complete respect, even if the dwarf choses an unconventional path such as a bard.  However, they are more likely to respect others of different races who follow a more common dwarven pursuit.  They will treat a human mage or high elf fighter with much more respect than if they were a bard or something that they feel really does not contribute to the whole of the community.

Irongate, the Dwarven Capital in the Cryms Mountain is where the royal family resides and rules over it people.  This is also where all other countries come to trade with the dwarves for raw ore, weapons and armor. Other mountain ranges send their goods to the capital for trading due to it being the only easily accessible dwarven city.

King Seoras MacRaibeirt is respected and well loved by his people.  The king spreads the wealth gained by the many to all under his rule.  He is a great tactician, a relentless warrior and when not doing the duties of his throne, can be found in the mines or at a local forge contributing to the many and keeping his skills well honed.  He is kind and caring king who will do anything needed for his people.  When not doing his royal duties or working the mine or forge, you will find him at any local bar sharing a drink and food with the locals.  Although he is the king, he walks about the dwarven cities like anyone else.  He is recognized and shown the respect expected of a king but finds it wise to rule his people from within the ranks and not above.

Queen Fionninghua Dunaud-MacRaibeirt, like her husband, can be found walking the streets shopping or visiting the local magic school.  Before she was queen, she was a very powerful battlemage.  This is what turned Seora’s eye to her.  Fionninghua comes from a very strong magically inclined bloodline who also are known for their battle prowess.  Fionninghua (Fionnin for short) meets all her people with open arms and a welcoming smile but finds herself reserved and skeptical on most other races.

Princess Ceana MacRaibeirt is the first born of Seoras and Fionnin.  She is the natural heir to the throne as the first born, but is the first woman to be in line to inherit the throne as all previous rulers bore a son first. The people love her and support the princess’ claim wholeheartedly. Ceana is a general in the Dwarven army below her father. Her skills in tactics and battle are matched only by Seoras himself and her raw magical is rivaled by none.

Prince Neacal MacRaibeirt is the second born to Seoras and Fionnin.  Neacal, well respected and loved, can be found walking among his people, eating, drinking and being merry alongside his father.  He can also be found traveling the world keeping open relations with other races and countries.  Neacal is very good with words and diplomacy.  His gifts are not that of war or blacksmithing (though he does have a good understanding of them). He is very adept at using magic, but Neacal is best when in a room discussing trade agreements, diplomatic endeavors and rubbing elbows with high society. It is expected that he will become Ceana’s prime ambassador when she takes the throne.