Deep Elves stand about Human height with gray skin of varying shades, and pointed ears. Some tattoo elaborate designs into their skin with black or silver inks. Sometimes called “Dark Elves”, they shun sunlight and predominantly live in vast underground cities built in the tunnels and caves of the underworld. These Dep’El are considered the renegades of eleven society, having fled their brethren years ago after a band of Dep’El carried out the assassination of a popular but tyrannical Dael’El ruler.

Dep’El are what some would call ruthless, what others would call practical.  Theirs is a world where the end justifies the means.  Because the Dep’El are practical and adhere to rules of generality rather than take the time to cater to the wishes of the individual, most male Dep’El are pushed into martial or labor professions, while the smaller females are trained as mages and leaders.  Thus, the Dep’El are, by default, largely a matriarchy with men serving as “enforcers.”

Dep’El are arrogant, confident, and highly intelligent.  Though not known for a jovial nature, their mastery of biting wit is surpassed by none.  Dep’El pride themselves on being able to wound their enemies with words as deeply as with swords.

Though they are aloof and trust few, they are steadfastly loyal to those who have proved worthy of their respect.  Dwarves, in particular, share a special bond with the Dep’El, having shared their stonecraft talents with the Dep’El when the wrongfully accused Dep’El first fled to the west.

Racial Ability

Physical Qualities

Even the Dep’El do not live without the typical beauty and culture of the firstborn. However, their practicality is seen in their fashions.  Expensive fabrics in well tailored and simple styles are the mark of a Dep’El wardrobe.

  • Ears: must wear pointed elf ears.
  • Skin: Deep Elves have skin in varying shades of gray from misty to deep charcoal, with elegant contours.
  • Language: The Dep’El are proud of their elven heritage and will often use elven words in their conversations.  They have no accent to speak of, but their speech tends to be direct and emotionless.

Why you should play a Deep Elf

  • You like the challenge of playing a misunderstood race
  • You like the idea that life is not black and white and enjoy a morally ambiguous character
  • You already know you’re better than everyone else.  Why not play a race that proves it?