Myth is a collaborative roleplaying game that takes place in an enchanted world filled with monsters, magic, and myth. It is a game of imagination and creativity that shares concepts from popular tabletop roleplaying games and video games. At Myth, you don’t need to imagine how terrifying a monster looks as this WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) game brings your imagination to life.

The game rules create the structure for your actions, enabling you to take action and do what you imagine your character would. This is a game of action and discovery. It’s a place where you’ll get outdoors to explore woodland trails in search of treasure. It’s a land fraught with peril where monsters must be defeated for the good of all. Here you’ll have fun creating lasting memories and forging lifetime friendships.

Playing Myth means creating a character who will grow in power and ability throughout an unending adventure campaign that takes place several times each year. Winning the game is easy: just have fun and make sure those around you are, too. Explore the game world, interact with others, and do battle with your enemies.

The Top 7 Things That Set Myth Apart

The team at Myth demands excellence and we are committed to offering the best possible game. We want to give everyone involved – players and cast – a positive and memorable experience every time they join us. 

Here are several things that help set us apart:

  1. Communication: You can rely on Myth to stay in communication with you via our elist, forums, and website.
  2. Community: We believe in fostering a strong community through creative play to forge lifelong-and-supportive friendships that transcend the game.
  3. Experience: There is no substitute for the right experience. “X number of combined years of LARPing experience” means nothing if you learned bad habits along the way. Our team is made up of long-term veterans and those who have never LARPed before to give us the different points of view we need for a diverse community and positive game experience.
  4. Immersion: We think you’ll agree that immersion makes a game more fun. Our goal is to continually reinvest into the game to improve costuming, props, and special effects that help to create a believable fantasy world you’ll want to come back to again and again.
  5. Inclusion: Myth’s rules are designed so your character can make a difference whether you’re attending the game for the first time or you’ve been around for a while. No need to worry about what you can achieve if you’re just starting up.
  6. Simplicity: We believe roleplaying is a more enjoyable experience when the game isn’t encumbered with a dragon’s hoard of overly-complicated rules.This is why Myth’s rules were made to be easy-to-learn so you can quickly get into the fun whether you’re new to LARP or a long-time veteran.
  7. We Hear You: Myth’s game rules were created from the objective feedback of players and cast over a period of 10 years. We listened and took that feedback to heart when making the game. We continue to listen evolving the game to better meet the needs of everyone involved.

Once you play Myth you’ll want to keep playing. Come try us for yourself and invite your friends to do the same. Your story begins here… with us.